What better way for kids and youth to learn about food, nutrition, gardening and the environment than by spending time in a garden? Learning gardens offer a fun and engaging way for studens to learn and for teachers to teach. They generate enthusiasm that carries over into the classroom and improves overall academic performance. Learning gardens encourage a healthy lifestyle and are great tools for teaching students how to become responsible environmental caretakers.

We work closely with school and public administrators, and collaborate with other professionals to design sustainable gardens that mimic the Earth's natural processes.  We engage students in the planning process and develop lesson plans that are aligned with Next Generation and Common Core standards. In doing so, we believe we are building a sense of community as much as we are creating a garden. Of course, learning gardens aren't just for kids. Everyone in a community deserves to learn about and enjoy the benefits of gardening, so we incorporate many of these same design principles in urban farms, community gardens and healing gardens.