Sustainable Design with People in Mind

At Jeni Webber + Associates, we specialize in sustainable landscape and garden design that helps people engage with each other and the natural world. As a team of experienced landscape architects, we can tackle projects large and small, from artistically designed residential gardens to institutional learning gardens, therapeutic gardens, civic plantings, urban farms and restoration projects. We have a unique understanding of the northern California landscape, native plants, water conservation and other ecological issues, as well as a sincere desire not only to leave this world a better place, but also to help educate a new generation of gardeners and ecological stewards.


As master planners and project managers, we help communities develop and realize their visions. We take the seeds of inspiration, help them grow, and see them through to harvest. We not only bring our own ideas and experience to a project, but we collaboratively engage others in the process. For example, we include administrators, teachers, students and community members in designing, planting and caring for school gardens. 

As landscape architects, we conduct research; develop proposal packages, conceptual design plans, construction plans and budgets, and maintenance guidelinescoordinating with appropriate agencies, firms, consultants and others along the way. We also oversee the educational elements of projectssignage, Next Generation and Common Core lesson plans, training of staff and more.

Residential Design

We have designed and planted residential gardens for more than 25 years. It is how our business began and remains an important focus for us. We view this as a collaborative process and consider each garden to be a unique place-making opportunitydesigned to suit the needs, desires and lifestyle of the homeowners; to complement the home's architecture and local environment; and to make the most of the site's special features. We especially love the creative aspect of the design process and bring an artistic touch to each garden we create. We have a "less is more" approach to structure, and use simple methods and means that reveal the nature, strength and beauty of the materials used. All of our residential gardens are sustainably designed and organically grown.

Planting Design

We bring a love of gardening and extensive horticultural training to our work. As a result, planting design is one of our specialties. We have conducted extensive research on native plants and well-adapted Mediterranean plants that are beautiful and drought tolerant, and that thrive in Northern California. And we have developed unique strategies for planting both small spaces and broad swaths of land for year-round interest and long-season color. As artists, we love creating eye-catching combinations of color, texture and captured sunshine. However, there is more to planting design than plant choice and placement. It also has to do with soil preparation, grouping plants based on moisture needs and delivery of irrigation water. At Jeni Webber + Associates, we not only utilize strategies for conserving water, but also harvest and recycle rain water and greywater so that what falls from the sky and the tap finds its way to gardens and soil instead of storm drains. 

Certified Green Building Professionals

We believe that each project we take on is an opportunity to help heal the Earth and create a healthier environment. As Certified Green Building Professionals, we specify the use of sustainable materials and minimize waste, conserve and recycle precious water, garden organically, and aim to leave every plot of land much healthier than we found it and our clients more informed stewards.