A front entrywhether a porch, stoop, landing or courtyardis the gateway to your home. It's here that you meet and greet guests and see them off after a good visit. It's where you want them to pause and feel welcomed or to linger just a bit longer before leaving. 

At a minimum, entries offer visitors a place to wait after knocking on your door. Yet they have the potential to be so much more. Expand a stoop or landing and it becomes a terrace that can also be used for entertaining. Place a few container plantings and a swing on your porch and it beckons you to relax with a glass of lemonade and a good book. Put a bench by the door and you have a place to put your packages while opening the door. Enclose your entry and you have an intimate courtyard setting perfect for dining, relaxing or gardening. Extend the roof over the entrance and you have a place to get out of the rain or for your dog to watch the squirrels play.

At Jeni Webber + Associates, we love creating welcoming entries for our clients. It sets the tone each time they arrive home from work, carpooling or running errands; improves property values; and enhances the neighborhood.